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Cable TV UPS


Extra Smart Cable TV UPS (Long-run, UBT- LP series) 600VA~3000VA

General Features :

  • Smart backup time estimation for any kind of battery
  • Adjustable voltage sensitivity, voltage-transfer points, & charging voltage, etc.
  • Available for LCD and LED display.
  • Generator compatible
  • Automatic restart of load after UPS shutdown
  • Smart AVR function
  • Cold-start capable
  • Audible alarm
  • Hot-swappable for battery
  • Network manageable (SNMP optional)
  • Full function of LCD display (for LCD version)
  • Smart battery management
  • Intelligent double stages of charging control, Wet battery compatible
  • Thermal control cooling fan

Power Levels crated at nominal inputs

 600VA / 420W ; 1200VA / 840W
1500VA / 1050W ; 2000VA / 1400W
3000VA / 2100W

Output Voltage

60Vac or 90Vac

Voltage Waveform

Pure Sine wave

Crest Factor

3 : 1

Output Frequency
(Synchronized to Mains)

Auto Select for 50/60Hz
47Hz ~ 55Hz for 50Hz nominal
56Hz ~ 65Hz for 60Hz nominal

Regulation (Batt. mode)
(Normal mode)

±3% of rated output voltage (adjustable by using the remote set-up software)
±8% of rated output voltage when in brownout (AVR in operation)

Transfer time

Blackout 3ms typical
Brownout 1ms typical
Battery mode to Normal mode:1ms typical

Over current protection

Over load alarm level 100% ~ 120%
Over load shutdown level 120% ~ 190%
(Adjustable by using the remote set-up software)



115V Models

230V Models

Nominal Voltage



Input Frequency

47Hz ~ 65Hz, 50/60Hz auto-sensing


90% typically (Normal mode)

Noise Filtering

Full time EMI/RFI filtering

Over current protection

600VA:by AC fuse
By re-settable over current protector

600VA~2000VA:AC fuse
By re-settable over current protector

Voltage Range

±20% for selected nominal voltage.

Surge Protection

600VA~1700VA:216 Joules
2000VA~3000VA:324 Joules

600VA:220 Joules
1200VA~3000VA:440 Joules


Battery type

25Ah ~ 250Ah


600VA~2000VA:48Vdc (optional 24Vdc, 36Vdc)

Typical backup time

No Limit (depending on battery)

Charging method

Smart pulse charging with two charging modes: Quick charging when battery is not fully charged, trickle charging when battery is 90% fully charged.

Charging current

9A at normal line & normal temperature (Average)

Averaged charging
voltage for each

Quick charging mode:14V maximum.
Trickle charging mode:13.2V ~ 13.9V adjustable by using the remote set-up software.


Protection for over current & over charging voltage (SCR control)
Thermal protection (CPU control)
When temperature inside UPS is over 45℃, charger will stop charging for 2.5 minutes followed by an 1.5 minutes charging.  The cycle will be repeated until the temperature is lower than 44℃.


Smart monitoring & warning for failed battery or open-circuit battery.
Auto-detection each time when power on or every 6 days.

 Communications & Management

Standard Interface port

RS232, UPSilon2000 compatible.

Control panel

LCD or LED Selectable

Audible alarm

Alarm on battery:Low battery & Battery over voltage
Alarm on abnormal operation:Over load, Short-circuit, & Over heat

EBT (Estimation of Backup time) system

Support for LCD display

Cooling fan control

Auto on / off, controlled by temperature & operation mode

 Environmental and Safety

Operating Temperature

Up to 1500 meters:0℃ to 40℃ (32℉ to 104℉)

Transit/storage Temperature

-15℃ to 55℃ (5℉ to 131℉)

Relative Humidity

5 - 95% non condensing

Operating Altitude

0 ~ 3000 meters

Audible noise at 1M from surface of unit

≦50 dBA

Safety Markings



Class A, EN50091-2, FCC part15, IEC61000-2-2


1.5KVac for 1 minute between battery and 60Vac O/P
1.5KVac for 1 minute between AC I/P and 60Vac O/P

Quality control system

ISO 9001


Unit / Shipping
D×H×W (cm)

600VA          :38 x 20 x 18 (cm) / 48 x 33 x 30 (cm)
1200VA~2000VA :45 x 20 x 18 (cm) / 54 x 33 x 30 (cm)
3000VA         :51 x 20 x 18 (cm) / 61 x 33 x 30 (cm)

Net / Gross (kg)

600VA :15 / 16 (kg) / 1200VA:19 / 20 (kg)
1500VA:20 / 21 (kg) / 2000VA:24 / 25 (kg)
3000VA:33 / 35 (kg


Export carton for each unit, 16 - 30 units per pallet