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IHR 1000VA ~ 3000VA

Inverter - IHR 1000VA ~ 3000VA
  • Inverter - IHR 1000VA ~ 3000VA - 001

Sine Wave Inverter IHR 1000VA ~ 3000VA

Feature :

  • Compliant with communication standard of AC and DC power supply system
  • High-performance SPWM inversion technology
  • Low DC end current noise
  • Full protection function
The Specification of Inverter IHR series
Model No.
Rated Output Capacity
AC Input
AC input 220Vac or 230Vac
Frequency 50Hz
AC input range (182Vac~278Vac)±5Vac
Frequency range (45Hz~55Hz)±0.5Hz
DC Input
Rated current 21A 42A 63A
Rated voltage 48VDC
Start  input Max  impact current Less than 150% rated current
DC    Input    range   
of normal start
Low voltage alarm of DC input 44.0±1VDC
High voltage alarm of DC input 58.0±1VDC
Low  voltage  protect  of DC input 39.0±1VDC
Over voltage protect  of DC input
Input   terminal   phone constant-weight   static voltage
<2mV(Connect to battery)
Input  terminal   reverse comparable broad range static current
Input  terminal   reverse comparable   phone constant-weight  static current <1%
Model No. IHR-1000 IHR-2000 IHR-3000
AC   Output
AC output (Vac) 220 or 230V±3%(Inverter output)
Frequency(Hz) 50±5Hz(AC input is normal), 50Hz±1%(AC input is abnormal)
Dynamic  voltage transient <5%
Resume time of dynamic transient (ms) < 60ms
Power factor 0.7
Overload Capacity Load105% ~ 125% lasting 60 seconds, load126% ~ 150% lasting  30seconds, resume point is 90% load
Peak value coefficient of output current No less than 3
Wave form Sine Wave, THD<3% (Linear Load),Sine Wave,
THD<8% (Nonlinear Load)
Output Mode Three socket
Display LED Indicating Lamps (Display working status and load)
Alarm Function Sync input is abnormal, DC input is abnormal,
Overload, INVERTER Failure
Protection Function DC   input  under  voltage  or  over  voltage  Protection,  Overload   Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Output over voltage or under  voltage Protection, Over temperature Protection
Communication Function DB9 Communication Port (Contain one RS232 and dry contactor communication signals)
Transmission Meet YD/T983-1998 A-standard
Radiation Meet YD/T983-1998 A-standard
Interference Rejection Meet YD/T983-1998 A-standard
Insulation Resistance > 2MΩ( 500VDC)
Dielectric Strength 2121VDC(Input and output to ground, DC Input to AC output),
no flashover voltage
Cooling-down Method Wind cooling
Working Temperature(℃) -10℃~40℃
Relative Humidity 0~95%( without condensation)
Height Above Sea Level ≤1500m, meet GB3859.2-93 derate require
Noise (dB) <55(1m)
INVERTER   Storage
Temperature (℃)
Storage Environment Relative Humidity: 0~95%( without condensation)
Dimension (mm)
(W ×  D  × H)
Stand-up single unit: 430×440×88 (2U of 19 inches rack mode) Rack mountable mode: 484×440×88
Weight 8 Kgs 10 Kgs 12 Kgs