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Switch Mode Rectifier - Rectifier
  • Switch Mode Rectifier - 005
  • Switch Mode Rectifier - 005
  • Switch Mode Rectifier - 006


Feature :

Metal plating, plastic plating, electrolytic copper foil, chrome plating, aluminum profile oxidation, Rare earth smelting, tinplate galvanizing, water treatment and other industries.

Feature :

  • Small size, light weight, electricity-saving, high accuracy.
  • Very low ripple coefficient, high control accuracy and better electroplated coating uniformity.
  • Constant current and voltage operation mode, free switching
  • Electronic switcher for positive and negative switching, with fast response time, less than 100ms.
  • Equipped with RS232 & RS485 interface;(Optional)
  • 4-20mA, 0-5V, analog(optional)
  • PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, modbus(optional)
  • Built in ampere hour meter function.
  • With over temperature, over voltage, under voltage, overload, short circuit protection function.
  • Sealing structure design, with the use of acid and alkali proof waerproof function-three anti paint, make the product more durable.